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Member of the German Dealers Association (Händlerbund e.V.)

ISM Kosmetik oHG
Sonnenstraße 11
35716 Dietzhölztal

E-Mail: info(at)ism-kosmetik.de

Member of the German Dealers Association (Händlerbund e.V.)

- since 19.10.2011 -

The German Dealers Association is an organization of professional retailers offering goods and services on the Web.

Being the largest online trade association, members of the German Dealers Association come from all over Germany and from all sectors.

The aim of the association is to create fair competition, strictly enforce consumer protection and to promote overall safety and quality in online trading.

By being a member of the German Dealers Association your online retailer acknowledges its goals, thus contributing to improve distance selling.

The German Dealers Association wishes you to enjoy shopping!

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